Why Blog?

No, really, why blog? I’m just a random mid-ish level developer.

I’m not working bleeding edge open source projects that will revolutionize the way to interact with computers.

I just write code - mostly TypeScript - for a myriad of projects.

So why am I blogging?

Reinforcement and Retention

My memory is a mixed bag. I can recall far too many facts about World of Warcraft; tell you exactly where some random item is in my house, but I will lose my keys and wallet in a second if they don’t go in their designated spot.

People’s names - forget about it! But I’ll remember their faces forever.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the development world, ideas required to talk about code tend to fall in the “people’s names” category rather than their faces. Once I’ve done something, I usually remember the gist of how to do it for a long while without any reinforcement. But, I have trouble talking about it just due to how my brain seems to store information.

So this blog isn’t really for anyone but me.

It’s a place for me to record ideas and things that I’ve been working on. My little slice of the internet.

I don’t think posts will be frequent by any means. The idea is to finish a thing and then spend some time drafting up another thing to talk about it. Discuss what I liked, what I didn’t, and what I’d do differently next time. Record lessons learned, maybe show off some little snippets here and there.

What To Expect

I’d expect nothing, honestly.

Though I’m starting this primarily as a dev blog, it might be more of a dev blog, where I write about all the things that I’ve been working on, code or not.

I am notoriously bad at keeping projects going (hey, another blog post idea!).

However, I plan to write some posts about technologies I’ve been exploring - TypeScript, of course, but also Go, self-hosted homelab things, maybe (probably) some tabletop stuff.

I think it would be neat to use some of Astro’s features to add in little snippets of interactivity, but I’m not sure what those would even look like right now.

One More Thing

It is tradition to write your first blog post about building your blog. I’m going to skip that and summarize it in three sentences.

I’m using Astro because I want the option of hooking React, Svelte, or Solid in. I’m using Vanilla Extract for styles, and we’ll see how that goes. Finally, I’m just deploying this with Render right now, mostly because I’m lazy and not sure how I want to host this long term.

If you really want to see more, you can find my repo here.

In Conclusion

  1. I don’t know what I’m doing.
  2. We’ll see what happens.
  3. Good luck!